A replica of a part of a destroyed altar was made in the temple at Palmyra

The National Museum in Damascus revealed a replica of a part of the slaughterhouse built by Italian archaeologists in a temple after the original was destroyed by militants.

The White Temple in Palmyra, 2,000 years old, was one of the gems in the Syrian rich historical heritage that stretched across countless civilizations, before the beginning of the 2011 conflict in the country, Reuters reports.

The self-proclaimed Islamic state took over Palmyra in May 2015 and destroyed many of its ancient buildings and facilities while looting others to finance its operations.

In October 2015, a part of the stone altar was destroyed in the temple, but the Italian team managed to rebuild it using 3D technology and stonecutting works.

“The new altar is identical to the original with all its details and ornaments because the 3D technique is very developed,” said Mamoun Abdul Karim, former head of the anti-government department of the Syrian government.

“But this is not a substitute for the original object,” he added.

The new altar is four meters long and was built with a combination of plastic and polished stone, said Frances Pinnock of the Sapienza University in Rome, the head of the science team who worked on the construction process.

She said that they suggested building a replica as an emotional response to destruction, but also to see if it was scientifically possible to reconstruct what was destroyed.

Abdul Karim urged the international community to make equal efforts to restore Syrian Palmyra, as it does in the reconstruction of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, which was damaged in a fire last week.

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