New details of the massacre in Sri Lanka: The suicide bomber was arrested and released

One of the suicide bomber was arrested and released before a terrible massacre in Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka’s spokesman said.

Ilham Ahmed Ibrahim, one of the two sons of the then tycoon who swept in Sunday attacks, detonated the bomb at Cinnamon Grand Hotel in Colombus.

Ilham Ahmed Ibrahim and his brother were previously identified as two bombers in terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka where, according to the latest information, 359 people were killed.

Police have confirmed to CNN that their father, Mohamed Yusuf Ibrahim, a wealthy tycoon, was suspended, suspected of helping his sons. There are also other members of their family who are known to have resided in Sri Lanka.

Father arrested immediately after the attack

Police have arrested Mohammed Yusuf Ibrahim on Sunday after a terrible attack on hotels and churches. His sons Inshaf Ahmed Ibrahim and Ilham Ahmed Ibrahim blasted in bomb attacks.

Police spokesman Ruwan Gunaseker told CNN today that their father, Mohamed Yusuf Ibrahim, was in custody for suspicion of helping and encouraging his sons in terrorist attacks. He added that the police also detained other family members.

Bombers from a respectable family

Two suicide bomber brothers belonged to a prominent family in Columbus, the capital of Sri Lanka.

Mohamed Ibrahim, the father of Inshafa and Ilhama, is the owner and founder of Ishana Exports, based in Colomb, which is advertised as “Sri Lanka’s largest exporter of spices since 2006” on his website.

She swallowed herself and kids

As we have already written on Index, the police found suicide names after the attack and started searching their homes.

After joining the home of Ilham Ahmed Ibrahim, his pregnant wife Fatima was divorced, killing three children and three policemen.

He lived in a rich villa with his own gym

Second brother Inshaf (38) lived with his wife and four children, an eight-year-old daughter and three boys aged six, four and two, in a home worth 1.5 million pounds in the rich Colomba neighborhood. He had his own gym and a large number of cars in the house.

He was a successful businessman and owned a copper factory. His wife has not announced what he will do. Instead, she told her she was going to business and she should be brave.

The family and employees described the brothers as rich, peaceful and pious.

Families aid terrorists

Up to now, police have arrested more than 70 suspects for suspicion of terrorism, helping and encouraging terrorism or terrorist conspiracy, police spokesman Gunaseker said.

Of the arrested, there are four women and all Muslim religions. Gunasekera said they were arrested mostly by family members or friends of suspected suicide bomber. There are no foreign nationals among them.

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