The convicted terrorist became an American citizen. How is that possible?

A man who had been in Israeli jail for attempting a bomber attack on the bus for years had been granted US citizenship and had been allowed to remain in the country for almost a decade due to the long-term data-checking process.

The case of giving citizenship to the terrorist Vallmoe Shqaire has raised more questions. Namely, it is not clear to many that Shqaire has gone through a detailed scrutiny process that was introduced after the September 11 attack and why state services did not work faster after they found out that he was convicted for such a criminal offense.

Citizenship received in 2008

Federal authorities have probably known since 2010 that Shqaire was arrested for charges of a bomb attack in Israel and spent some time in jail, CNN writes. They had fingerprints that could undoubtedly be linked to the terrorist act he had committed under another name – Mahmad hadr Mahmad Shakir.

Vallmoe Shqaire was granted citizenship in 2008, but only in September last year was accused of illegally obtaining US citizenship by deliberately denying criminal records.

“The accused deliberately circumvented the procedures of our immigration system and concealed his violent, terrorist behavior,” the prosecutors wrote in the report.

Shqaire is currently on parole in Los Angeles and is awaiting a verdict scheduled for Friday.

Received the wrong information

Former US immigration officer who wanted to remain anonymous told CNN that in 2008 it was mandatory to check all background information, regardless of whether the applicant had filed a criminal offense or not.

But, he added, it is possible that the state services have received the wrong data because the system is as good as the one from whom it receives information, and in this case it was about getting information from other government systems.

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