The improvised roof at Notre Dame started to begin

Works began to cover the Paris Notre Dame cathedral with an improvised roof to protect the interior of the church from the rain forecasted for Wednesday in Paris, said the spokesman of the Cathedral, Andre Fino.

It was nice to say that the waterproofing coverings began. Raining by the cathedral could cause additional damage to the works that are still there, after the large quantities of water that the firefighters extinguished the fire on April 15th.

Some type of large tarpaulin should be placed to protect the cathedral from storm during renovation work. This setting should last for weeks.

French President Emmanuel Macron announced that Notre Dame in Paris will be renewed within five years.

Numerous architects believe that preparatory work could be the longest and most complex, and an international tender for restoration of the tower that fell during the first 90 minutes of fire will be launched.

It is still thought that the fire is caused by accident, it seems a short circuit.

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