“With beer no!”: Mexicans, furious with a bill

Residents of Mexico City could end up taking their beloved beer at room temperature after a lawmaker presented a bill on Wednesday to ban the sale of cold beer in stores.

The motion, which was received with disbelief in social networks, would modify the trade laws of Mexico City to prohibit the sale of beer or beverages with 7% or less of alcohol content, which are refrigerated or under different conditions. those of the room temperature.

Merchants should also place ads that warn consumers about rigorous sanctions for drinking in public. The ubiquitous family stores in Mexico City often sell cold beer in large bottles, previously promoted as family size, and deliver plastic cups, which people use to consume the product on the spot.

The author of the motion, the deputy party of Lopez Obrador (Morena), Maria de Lourdes Paz Reyes, said the new rules would help rule out the so-called “chelerías”, which sell liters of beer in sordid places at low prices.

Many Mexicans reacted to the ridiculous prospect of buying beer at room temperature, especially given the frequent high temperatures. The hashtag #ConLasCervezasNo was a trend on Twitter.

Some of those who propose banning sales of cold beer complain that the country is bathed in cheap alcohol and say that businesses will still sell alcohol of high quality and of dubious quality at given prices. The Mexican consumer agency warned that 45% of the bottles of alcoholic beverages in the country are adulterated.

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